Victory Hill Training

Victory Hill Training

Horse Training and Finishing in Central Colorado

SCCHA 2019 Schedule of Events

Subject to change if needed

April 28 Cutting ​ Salida Adobe Park Arena
May 12 Cutting ​​Salida Adobe Park Arena
June 16 Cutting​​ Center Corzine Arena
July 15 Cutting Center Corzine Arena
July 28 Cutting​​ Salida Adobe Park Arena
August 11 Cutting ​​ Center Corzine  Arena
Sept 8 Cutting ​​Salida Adobe Park Arena
Sept 29  Cutting​​ Rocky Ford/Corzine
Oct 13​ Cutting Rocky Ford 
Nov 10 Awards Banquet Fowler

All cuttings include Boxing after the cutting

Call for details 719-530-0938